Ultimate Guide: Centrifuge Differences and Practical Uses

What is a centrifuge?

Drilling mud centrifuges are typically horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuges.They are primarily used to process solid-phase particles ranging from 2 to 7 microns in drilling fluids. These centrifuges are also used to recover valuable materials, such as barite, from drilling wells.The centrifuge serves as the final stage of processing equipment in the solid control system.

Decanting centrifuge

Decanting centrifuge

Centrifuges play a significant role in the non-weighted mud system.They can effectively separate solid-phase particles larger than 2 microns, addressing the issue of ultrafine and hazardous solids that cannot be separated by desanding and desilting cyclones.The centrifuge can rapidly restore the specific gravity and other properties of the drilling fluid, providing a reliable safety assurance for efficient and scientific drilling. In weighted drilling fluids, centrifuges are primarily used to regulate viscosity and separate ultra-fine particles of the solid phase and colloid.

The centrifuges manufactured by AIPU are classified as APLW centrifuges and APFDH fully hydraulic centrifuges.

Advantages of APLW centrifuges

  • High quality stainless steel raw materials
  • Advanced Dynamic Balancing Inspection
  • Wear protection treatment for spiral blades
  • Convenient and reliable operational performance
  • Easy maintenance with fewer wear parts

Model size of APLW centrifuges

Full hydraulic decanter centrifuge

AIPU has developed fully hydraulic-driven decanter centrifuges in cooperation with renowned brands of hydraulic drive systems to meet the requirements of domestic and international customers.The hydraulic drive system for the decanter centrifuge rotor and propeller is powered by an electric motor that drives an oil pump, creating two oil circuits to operate the hydraulic differential. The biggest advantage of the fully hydraulic drive centrifuge is its ability to separate heavy slurries in high temperature environments. The compact single skid structure of the fully hydraulic decanter centrifuge makes it easier to operate and install.

Hydraulic decanter centrifuge

Hydraulic decanter centrifuge

Model size of APLW hydraulic decanter centrifuges

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