Mud mixing hopper pump for mud system

Mud mixing hopper pump is the combination of venturi hopper and centrifugal pump. Some of them will be designed with control panel, while some will not

Mixing hopper pump design

There are many different designs. Such as hopper on tank top and pump on tank skid or at the ground level; or the pump and hopper mounted on one skid with control panel, or we can design it as dual mixing pump including 2 pumps and 2 hoppers

Furthermore, we also can provide the mixing pump as one hopper with one pump but with double entry and discharge lines. This will provide users convenient inlet and outlet way. The connection and communication among tanks are easier

Mud mixing hopper pump

Mud mixing hopper pump

Usually, the mixing pump for mud system is venturi hopper and centrifugal pump. Sometimes, user will prefer the swirl mixing hopper or they will combine the shearing pump and mixing hopper together

Custom built hopper pumps are available

Standard hopper pumps are with 4″ or 6″ Venturi hopper, and centrifugal pumps driven by 30HP, 50HP, 75HP motor. However, some clients have special requirements for certain working condition. Then we will provide the custom built services for them

For example, they may request 2 entry lines and 2 dischage lines. The input and discharge line will be different from hopper entry or pump discharge. Furthermore, many users will prefer the USA standard union for easy operation and maintenance

Mixing pump

Mixing pump

Considering users in different region, we’ll provide special components with special certification. Such as the motors and the control panel. They can be ATEX, IEC, or DGMS certified. Please contact us if you do have special requirements

Why AIPU mixing hopper pump?

Venturi hopper design with mature theory and practical experience. The high quality mechanical sealed pumps are rather efficient and reliable for lasting heavy duty running

Optimal solution for cerain use or working condition. Strict procedure control through purchasing, design, manufacture, and inspection process. Timely sales service from the inquiry to the delivery. Custom built service for actual demand

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