Mud agitators on oil drilling mud tank

Mud agitators are the auxiliary equipment in whole oil drilling mud system. Different types with different strength and features. How to select proper one?

Mud agitators for drilling mud

In whole drilling mud system, mud agitator is one of the assistant equipment. Operating agitator will keep the solid content suspension and maintain drilling fluid property. Almost every tank request agitator, but not shaker tank

Mud agitator including horizontal type and vertical type. Difference between them is the foot print, or the overall height. Besides, in well drilling solids control system, we may use worm and wheel reducer box or the helical bevel gear box. Difference between them is the torque value and durability

Mud agitators

Mud agitators

Details of mud agitator

Mud agitator consists motor, reducer box/gear box, shaft and impeller. We ever talked how to confirm agitator model or size. The shaft, impeller and motor power come from mud condition, tank volume, and so on

Aipu produces high quality mud agitator with flexible configuration. Catering for clients’ different requirements and working condition. Such as helical worm and wheel geared and helical bevel geared motor. The common carbon steel or stainless steel shaft and impeller

High quality mud agitator

High quality mud agitator

Moreover, some client will also request detail information on bearing, oil seal, motor grade, etc. No matter which part or component, the quality and performance will be assured.

Price or cost level of agitator

Most customer will pay more attention on price but not detail quality. Such as gear box type, motor brand or quality level. Even they don’t know the difference between agitator with and without stabilizer. We supplied over 200 sets of agitator annually. No complaint at all.

From surface, material, to the performance and quality. Why clients selected Aipu solids control? And place repeat orders? Do you think it is because of price? No, our price is not low but reasonable. They have found our cost-efficiency and appreciate our competitive solution

According to different motor, gear box, shaft and impeller materials, the price will differ much from each other. Please come to Aipu for more detail on mud agitators


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