Standard shale shakers at Aipu solids control

Standard shale shakers here are the shakers without customization. Such as Hunter-MG4, Hunter-D4, and Hunter-Mini shaker. Do you know the details? Do you know their difference?

What are standard shakers there at Aipu?

Hunter-MG series shaker including Hunter-MG4, Hunter-MG3; Hunter-D series including Hunter-D3 and Hunter-D4 shaker; Hunter-Mini shaker is the shaker holding 2 panels of smaller area screen.

Based on the main series of shakers, there are dual tandem shakers, and triple tandem shakers, Such as Hunter-MG4D or Hunter-D3D. We build the 2 sets of the single separated shakers on the common skid.

Hunter-MGD shaker is an integration of linear motion and balanced elliptical motion shaker. Holding 4 panels of screen interchangeable with all Hunter-MG series shaker.

AIPU Hunter-Mini shaker

AIPU Hunter-Mini shaker

We can make all standard shale shakers mentioned here as dual tandem or triple tandem shakers. Yes, fit one flow divider for them.

More details on these shakers

Considering the convenient screen installation, all these shakers fit the framed screen. Including steel frames and composite frame. These screens are repairable with plugs.

Furthermore, except Hunter-MGD, all the other shakers are in linear motion mode. Such mode of shaker holds a higher flow rate or handling efficiency. Hunter-MG4 shakers hold screen up to 2.73sq.m area, Hunter-MG3 holds the screen up to 2.04sq.m, Hunter-D4 holds the screen up to 2.94sq.m, Hunter-D3 holds the screen up to 2.2sq.m. 3-panel screen shakers are with motor 2hp-2.3hp, while 4-panel screen shakers are with motor 2.3-2.5hp according to motors brand. Hunter-MGD is with 2 motors and 2.5HP each.

Standard Hunter-D3 shaker

Standard Hunter-D3 shaker

Regards to the deck angle, including -3~+3°, -1~+5°, and +2°. A different angle on different shakers perform differently. We also adjust the deck angle according to mud property and drilling conditions.

What are non-standard shakers?

Besides the above standard shakers, there are some non-standard shakers for different clients.  Such as Hunter-MG8, it’s a set of shakers holding 8 panels of the screen. The Upper deck fits with 3 panels of the screen and the lower deck fits with 5 panels of the screen. There is also Hunter-MG4DD means the shaker holds a double deck and 8 panels of the same size screen.

Standard dual motion shaker

Standard dual motion shaker

We also provide the dual tandem shaker that comes from Hunter-MG4DD. Such shaker requests larger power up to 2.64HPx2.

According to the shaker screen or overall dimension of the shaker, there are Hunter-D2 series shakers. The screens on this model of the shaker are hook strap one. Including Hunter-D24 and Hunter-D23. The screen area is the same as the Hunter-D series shaker.

Furthermore, the screen panels on the shaker can be a flat patterns or 3D patterns. 3D type of screen provides a larger effective area. They are over 120% of flat panel area. Now, we are improving the technique, in the near future, it can be even 130% of the flat panels area.

As per the sepcial detail, there are shakers with stainless steel splash guard, also the shaker with air system for a better result on oil base mud processing. It can decrease block and provide more dry solid discharge.

Is there any else shaker?

Yes. Above shakers are not the complete line of Aipu shakers. If you are interested or in the demand of shaker, please tell us freely. You’ll get more suggestions and the optimal solutions to your mud process.

Aipu always keeps moving to give users great proposals. Not the bottom price but the reasonable cost and best quality level

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