APMGS1200 poor boy degasser and gas flame under manufacture

APMGS1200 poor boy degasser is our hot sales product. In 2017 we delivered over 60 sets this model gas separator. Cater for clients’ preference, some of them are certified with pressure vessel certification.

APMGS1200 poor boy degasser

APMGS1200 is the degasser with 1200mm diameter vessel. Flow rate is up to 360m³/h. These degassers are for overseas drilling company at oilfield. The vent line is 80m long for each gas separator

APMGS1200 poor boy degasser

APMGS1200 poor boy degasser

The degasser tank thicks 10mm and designed with 5″ feed inlet, 8″ discharge, and 8″ vent line. Vertical type and heavy duty frame. Degassers are easy to lay down for shipment and handling.

APMGS1200 mud gas separator is more popular than other models. It’s large size holding high flow rate.

Gas flame for oilfield

Gas flame is also referred to flare ignition device. The gas flame under manufacture can be controlled by remote control. Considering the work place safety we suggest vent line longer than 50 m. This lot degasser and flame are gonna be delivered along with 80 vent line per set.

Electrical flare ignitor can be powered by electricity or the solar power. This lot ignitor are common design with electricity and LNG. Clients are happy with our design, price, and lead time. They will come here for inspection soon

Gas flame for oilfield

Gas flame for oilfield

This destination is overseas oilfield. Customer selected us since our popularity in domestic oilfield. They know many of our users from oil company, drilling contractor and service provider

Why Aipu degasser and flare ignition device?

APMGS1200 Mud gas separator are very popular among users around the world. Why? Because the high quality from

1. Professional manufacture experience nearly 20 years.

2. The high quality and national standard steel material.

3. The international executive code.

4. Pressurized vessel certification available

5. Heavy duty structure

6. Easy to operate and maintain.

7. High quality level painting. International standard sand blasting and coating work

8. Real cost-effective solution. The true reasonable price

If you need more details, please contact us freely. And from now on till to Jan.31, your order will enjoy special discount. Call us now!


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