Repeat order on dual motion shale shaker

Dual motion shale shaker holding linear motion and balanced elliptical motion. Aipu produces 2 type dual motion shaker. What difference between them?

Dual motion shale shaker with 3 motors

Before, we produce dual motion shaker with 3 motor. Tacking mode is shifted by controlling motors. 2 motors driven shaker is linear motion, 3 motors driven shaker is BEM. 2 motors are same size, same power, 1 motor is smaller.

3 motors running lead longitudinal vibration strength differs from transversal vibration force. So the material on screen surface move as a balanced elliptical tacking line.

Dual motion shale shaker

Dual motion shale shaker

But 3 motors driving shaker is heavier than 2 motor dual motion shaker. And if considering spare part or maintenance  cost, 2 motors shaker holding more superiority.

2 motors driving shaker with dual motion

Dual motion shale shaker driven by 2 motors are more popular than 3 motors one. Last year, we delivered over 20 sets such shaker and mud cleaner. Difference is one motor designed specially for dual motion, the other motor is same as common vibrating motor

2 motors dual motion shaker is lighter and also easy to operate by control panel. Control panel can control motor inside eccentric block to shift vibration strength

Shale shakers with dual motion

Shale shakers with dual motion

Common features of above dual motion shaker

Easy to operate and maintain

Little maintenance cost

Shifting vibration mode easily by control panel without stopping shaker

Better performance on filtration result

Eliminating horseshoe effect

Decreasing screen block phenomenon

Aipu dual motion shaker feature

Aipu dual motion shale shaker popular model is Hunter-MG4. There are 2 motor, 4 panels composite frame shaker screen on shaker. All sheets are cut by laser cutting machine with high accuracy and more beauty.

Last month, we got repeat order on dual motion shale shakers. They are our regular client ever purchased over 15 sets such shaker and cleaner. Customer and end user are happy with shaker quality and performance

Besides dual motion shaker, Aipu manufacture dual motion mud cleaner. Same design as common mud cleaner, difference is on motor.

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