Flame igniter used in oil&gas drilling site

A flame igniter is a safety device to burn gas out of drilling fluids during well drilling. The gas before exiting the vent line is entrained in drilling mud, including H2S, methane, and so on.  So the igniter usually works together with mud gas separator.

Flame igniter types

There different types of flame igniter. Usually we suggest the vertical type with gas fuel. While some clients prefer the horizontal type. Including gas fuel and diesel fuel. For the control cabinet, there is battery and solar panel power as electricity supply. Besides the earlier items, there is also the elevated flame ignitor.

In summary, there are horizontal gas fuel igniter, horizontal diesel fuel igniter. The vertical gas fuel igniter, vertical diesel fuel igniter. The elevated gas or diesel fuel igniter, vertical ignitor with solar panel, horizontal igniter with solar panel. No matter which type you need, there are 2 ways to control the igniter. One is local control, the other is the remote control.

Flame igniter

Flare ignition devices

As we know, flare ignition device is a “kick-off” device together with gas separator. Generally, vent line between igniter and degasser is up to 100 meter for a safe site. However, the operators works at camp or rig platform, remote control is safe for them.

Difference among flame igniters

According to above text, we know the difference including installation pattern, fuel material, power supply. Besides those, the material of the flame igniter can be different, too. We make the igniter use common carbon steel, the stainless steel, the Mn steel, or 30Cr steel. The different working conditions and clients decide the material.

Comparing all these types of the igniter, they have different strengths. Horizontal type, the general height and fire level are low and seem more safe and reliable, but it requests a larger area; vertical type height is higher and requests foundation bolts every site but occupies a smaller area; the elevated type height is the highest one, we design a platform with guard rails for maintenance or repair, and such igniters cost is higher, too.

Our suggestions to you on flare igniter

Flame igniter is usually operated with a mud gas separator or poor boy degasser. We kindly suggest all users or contractors use the igniters for a safe working condition. The toxic gas separated out of drilling mud is flammable or explosive, APFI ignition device helps to burn the gas and eliminate the danger.

For the selection of the model of ignition device and use, we suggest using our standard type. The igniter can burn mininum100000m³ gas per day under normal pressure. It’s relative to degasser capacity and the vent line length.

As we all know, the ignition device is usually set 100m away from the degasser/drilling site. During this distance, pressure has been released to a lower level, and it’s safer to fire the gas then. If we change the vent line to a larger diameter or a longer distance, all other conditions are the same, the burned gas volume will be much larger.

Please feel free to contact AIPU if you still have other questions. Furthermore, we are able to provide you with a high quality custom-design igniter. If you have special demand, please don’t hesitate to tell us. You’ll find AIPU is your ideal final partner of flame igniters.


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