Drying screen under dewatering hydrocyclones

Drying screen is the shaker screen panel help dewatering during drilling fluid process or tailings management. No matter in oilfield, or civil construction.

Dewatering hydrocyclones with drying screen

The hydrocyclones separate solids out of drilling fluid under the centrifugal force. It will spray liquid mixed with cuttings to bottom shaker or the discharge ditch. After such procedure the unnecessary particles separated out of drilling mud. Under the bottom screen panel filtration the liquid with finer solid will drop into the tank. Dry cuttings will be transferred out of mud system under shaker vibration

The hydrocyclones can be desander or desilter also the mud cleaner combined them together. However, many civil construction will be limited much on space. So the compatibility between drying screen and hydrocyclone is very important for whole system.

Drying screen

Drying screen

Drying screen features

Presently, in the market there are many types of drying screen. Such as the polyurethane, stainless steel screen with woven wire mesh, the wedge wire screen / slotted wedge wire screen. They all have different benefits. Usually, we set bottom screen under hydrocyclone with high capacity and large hole.

Pre-screening will welcome 3mm opening to separate large particles out of liquid. And the screen should be strong enough. Drying shaker screen will bring user much benefit on whole cost deduction. Furthermore, we also recommend the double deck screen on one shaker. This will lead better drying effect and multi-function feature

Come to us for more detail

Aipu is professional manufacturer on solids control equipment and system. In oilfield, HDD, tunnelling, pilling, and so on, the solids control equipment will be widely operated. The drying screen is more and more popular for pre screening and the tailing process. For drilling fluid recycling, the waste management, etc.

In different project, we need different configuration on the shaker. No matter the G force, the screen area, motor power, size, etcetera. But we can firstly develop the modular design for a typical and general application. We highly welcome your any question or interest for more detail.


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