Shaker screen configuration difference and features

Shaker screen configuration means whole screen panel construction or composition. Such as screen cloth, the plate, tubes, punched holes, etcetera.

Shaker screen configuration summary

Configuration including the screen cloth. Wire mesh layer, mesh size, wire diameter, different wave technique and so on. The back plate to support screen, the frame tube, the holes shape or pattern on plate

Also the raw material grade, the colors, the final finish procedure will lead quality and performance difference.

Aipu shaker screens configuration

Aipu is professional manufacturer of solids control shaker screen. We have different shaker screen configuration. Such as the rectangular wire mesh, the square hole wire mesh, different grade wire material, and the wire diameter for certain mesh size.

Shaker screen configuration

Shaker screen configuration

Usually, we use S.S304 screen with extra fine diameter. When we fabricate the API 230 or finer screen, the material will be S.S316 even 316L. But according to clients’ preference, we supply all screen cloth as S.S316 or 316L.

Some clients pay more attention on conductance, while others pay more attention on screen life, the others may prefer just lower price product. Per different clients’ demand, we’ll configure screens accordingly. For example, we can use screen with thicker diameter for longer life. We also can use 3 layers screen with super fine wire for more accurate cut point. If we use the rectangular screen, the conductance will be much higher

Different price on different shaker screen configuration

This depends on screen mesh size, material you prefer, any requirement or special request. The price level differs from each other as the material and manufacture procedure are different. Some clients told me many supplier sell screens at USD30-60 per panel. Ours are sold at USD50-USD120 per panel. Based on screen model and mesh size

Aipu shaker screen

Aipu shaker screen

Frankly speaking, Aipu also can provide cheap screen panel. The raw material is definitely different as high priced one. Some users may ask “are you sure your higher priced screen is better quality or longer life?” Sorry, I don’t know how to answer you. As different working condition, different operator will impact screen life as well.

But one thing for sure, you will always get what you pay at Aipu solids control.

Please come to us for more detail on shaker screen configuration


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