Shale shaker screen price and delivery

Shaker screen price can be said the most important issue our clients care. What are the issues affecting shale shaker screen price? Another important issue is the delivery, how could we satisfy customers?

Shaker screen price

We know shale shaker screen consist different parts made of different materials. All these parts cost affect shaker screen price. Such as the wire mesh(screen cloth), it can be made of high quality S.S316L or S.S302. The price then will be definitely different. We also have polyurethane screen with high durability and high price

Furthermore, the screen frame or support frame. If we select high quality standard carbon steel with advanced equipment to punch and weld frame the screen will be effective, reliable, durable. Of course the price or cost will be higher than screens made by low-level equipment with bad quality material.

Shaker screen price

Shale shaker screen feedback

Another issue affecting price is shaker screen model or size. Such as Derrick FLC 500 series screen, NOV Brandt King Cobra series screen, MI-Swaco Mongoose type screen, etc. Screen area and complete shaker screen model or design will lead price difference

Shale shaker screen delivery

Shaker screens are consumable for shale shakers. To ensure well drilling proceed successfully and effectively we must get all necessary parts available at field. Sometimes, drilling condition is rather difficult shaker screen may be broken very soon. We need sufficient wearing screens or we must make sure all spare screen will be at drilling site on time

So, almost clients will request us to send shaker screen in short delivery. What will affect delivery then? The raw material purchase, the produce schedule, the clients’ demand. But consider further issues, such as produce or process equipment or machines will affect whole produce efficient of the screen factory

Under clients’ urgent demand we may change common produce schedule. If no extra cost occurred we’ll not quote higher price as the expense. If some urgent arrangement result much higher cost we’ll request it from customer as well

Aipu shaker screen price and delivery

We are shaker screen manufacturer. We know clients’ have high demand on the delivery and price control. Aipu promise all clients all we quoted price and delivery are reasonable. If you do have special demand please let us know

Aipu shaker screen price and delivery will be achieved as we quoted or promised. Kindly contact us for any questions


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