Composite shaker screen for different shakers

Composite shaker screen is different with common steel framed or supported screen. The main structure is composite one consisting steel tube, plastic material, etc.

Composite screen description

Composite screen usually means the shaker screen with composite frame. The composite frame include internal steel frame and plastic injected. Internal frame is made of carbon steel tube and rod. We also can make the internal support frame with aluminum alloy tubes. Aluminum alloy tube will be much lighter than steel one, but we trust steel tube frame will be more strong during injection and higher adhesive force.

The composite frame screen will be finished by heat press. Usually, we put wire cloth on composite frame and vulcanizer plate will press them together by very high temperature (about 200℃). Of course, we should pay attention on the heating time. It will affect appearance and whole screen quality reflect on blanked area.

Composite shaker screen frame

Composite shaker screen frame

Present composite shaker screen

Presently, there are many different type composite shaker screens. Such as Mongoose series, King Cobra series screen, D500 series. However, the famous ones are Mongoose Dura-Flo composite screen. M-I SWACO is the first company developed composite shaker screen. This invention is patented and belong to M-I SWACO

Besides Dura-Flo composite screen for Mongoose they also produce the composite screen for VSM300 shaker, D500 series composite screen for Derrick FLC500 shaker, but all of them are flat type

Now, there are also different manufacturer produce the composite screen for Derrick 48-30 shaker, King Cobra shaker, even some of them produce pyramid composite screen. We are not sure about the quality of different type screen from different producers. But we do appreciate the R&D capability and the invention attitude. We trust under long time practice we’ll get actual result.

Aipu composite screens available

Presently, Aipu produce the Mongoose composite screen replacement, King Cobra series composite screen, VSM300 primary composite screen, M series composite screen for our own shaker. Now we are adjusting our Mongoose composite frame mould. The adjustment will be finished in 1 week.

New mould for Mongoose composite screen will help us get lighter screen for better performance of whole shaker. According to clients’ feedback our composite shaker screens are all qualified except some small problem. Now, we are also improving M series composite screen to en-long their usable life

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in composite frame shaker screen. We trust you will get satisfied solution with lower cost.


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