Shaker screens tendency in the future

Shaker screens tendency is the main direction of screens development. What is the detail? How could this help the service company and oilfield trading company?

Shaker screens tendency on mesh size

We trust the mesh size will be defined and configured as per same international standard or executive code. Such as API RP13C. That is the optimal way to find out exact separation point and better filtration performance

The mesh size itself will be finer and finer. As we know, in the future, the whole mud system or solids control will be simple just by operating shakers. That means, the shaker will be more integrative and fine separation result

Shaker screens tendency

Shaker screens tendency

Such as API400, API 500, even API 635. If we make super fine opening screen, the screen panel will be 4 layers. As the fine screen cloth is easy to damage or break.Multiple layer will help to get a strong back support.

The tendency of screen pattern

We know the corrugated screen panels help users get a larger screen area. It can be 125% of common flat panel screen. It can not only provide better efficiency but a better performance since the peak side itself

In the future, both framed and hook strap screens will be configured with corrugation or other larger area design

Corrugated shaker screens

Corrugated shaker screens

Presently, AIPU can provide the screens with peaks height 1″. In the future, we’ll develop the higher peak or other design on enlarging screen area

How about screen installation?

Shaker screens tendency of installation way is more and more easy. Such as just push the screen sides by pins, the easy pressure or hydraulic pressure, by the wedge blocks.

More convenient installation way the more time effectiveness we’ll get. The typical shaker screen is Derrick HYP shaker, and MD shaker of SWACO.

Now, do you know which one is more proper for you? Or for your user? Please contact AIPU freely if you still have other question.


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