Screen performance and affecting issues

Screen performance is affected by different issues. Please find details below

Issues affecting screen performance

Users care much on screen performance as it is important for a shaker even a mud system performance. Shaker screen is key spare part to shale shaker we know the cost and the whole effectiveness impact users’ selection.

What issues will affect screens performance during operation? We suppose the screen mesh size selection is correct. Then let’s check if shaker is in good condition. The drilling mud property, the drilled solids content, the shaker G force, the screen installation proper or not, the operator ability, screen quality itself. If the screen API size was not selected properly performance will not be good neither

Screen performance

Screen performance

How to control screen performance?

After understanding above issues we know to get better screen performance have to control screen use and quality at the beginning.

From the quality control. Choosing suppliers strictly under quality control procedure. Also inspect screens by checking API size, the material certificate, the COC and so on;

From the working condition. Make sure the shakers are in good condition. Checking the rubber sealing, the springs, the screen compressing system, motor condition, etc;

screen performance at site

screen performance at site

Form the operators capability. Train them for better ability, do some test to make sure they will handle screen problem properly, make sure they are responsible for minor failures or problem during operation;

Do the necessary assistant work on mud testing to get optimal screen selection

What performance of AIPU screen you can get?

AIPU Screen is high quality item. Replacement for almost shaker screen in oilfield all over the world can be found here. We promise the high quality raw material with S.S316 and S.S316L, the finer screen cloth with larger conductance, strict and professional manufacture procedure

How long can AIPU screen last? Screen performance defined by service life much. Our screens life range from 160hours to 520hours according to different clients’ feedback on different model screen under different working condition. However, all of them are satisfied with our screen since they compared ours with original ones based on both time and cost

Please let us know the point you doubt. You will get solutions here


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