Shaker screens life and the performance affecting issues

Shaker screens life is the essential issue among quality. Shaker screen life affects consumption cost directly and the whole efficiency of drilling and time indirectly. What are the issues affecting the screen life and performance?

Shaker screens life

Simplified speaking, screen life is how long screen last during operation without any failure. For example, one of our user use our screens without any broken even cloth surface till to 350 hours that means the life is 350 hours

shaker screens life

shaker screens life

Actually, shaker screen life vary from each other. Same model screen with same API size in China and Kuwait may reflect different life time. And the same screen used in Singapore and USA may get different service life, too. Even the same screens all operated in one country or region, thanks to the different drilling condition, the life may vary from twenty hours to five hundred hours.

Why there is such a big difference? What are issues impacting screen life?

Issues affecting screen life

Based on same quality screen, same model and same size, what the objective factors may affect screen life?

  1. The drilling mud property. Such as gravity,  viscosity
  2. Shale shaker flow rate
  3. Shaker condition or the compressing system condition
  4. Operators expertise
  5. Proper selection on mesh size
  6. Proper shaker vibration strength
High-quality screen panel

High-quality screen panel

Factors affecting screens performance

Besides shaker screens life, the performance is another important issue of screen quality. Many users find, even the screen last very long they lost much and the cost increased, too. Why is it like this?

  1. The inaccurate mesh size operated and let useful material flow away
  2. Improper mesh size selection lead screen blocked or mud lost
  3. Shaker itself design problem
  4. Vibration motor performance or specification
  5. Some troubles on shaker. Such as tensioning system loosen
  6. Deck angle need to be adjusted

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