Polyurethane screen information and different features

Polyurethane screen is made of urethane or polyurethane. There are main 4 types in present market. How do they differ from each other? What is difference between polyurethane screen and common S.S shaker screen?

Polyurethane screen types

One type is the polyurethane screens panel injected with polyurethane supported by internal frame. Another type is polyurethane screen injected by pure polyurethane under mould. It is panel type, too. The third one is, metal wire covered by polyurethane material and woven to be web. Final one, is the polyurethane web with oblong opening but with yarn. Usually we tell the aperture as 0.8mm, 0.5mm, 0.1mm, 0.075mm.

These are polyurethane screen types per appearance or process technique. However, based on installation way, there are hook strip and wedge clamped screen.

Polyurethane screen

Polyurethane screen

Urethane screen openings

Urethane screens are mostly used in mining industry, coal washing, civil construction. That requests different configuration on screen size or openings. Their hole types are different with oil drilling shaker screen.

For example, we usually say API 100 of shaker screen made of stainless steel wire mesh. However, we call polyurethane size as 0.075mm opening or aperture. Furthermore, the polyurethane screen is only single layer. While the common S.S screen are usually 2-3 layers. Some configuration even 4 layers

Polyurethane shaker screen fabrication is not as flexible as S.S one, especially on opening. Since the raw material limit manufacture technology. As we said, they are almost injected with certain mould.

Popular urethane screen

Derrick PolyWeb is well-known all over the globe. Their invention are highly appreciated by world users. Since durability, filtration performance or dewatering efficiency. And such polyurethane screen is usually for their own shaker or stack sizer

Pleased to say, Aipu is able to provide interchangeable replacement urethane screen sized 1044x702mm. The popular size including 0.075~1mm. Aipu has received clients’ oral feedback on our replacement. They are rather satisfied with the quality, appearance, and the non blanked area. If you are interested, please contact Aipu solids control. Right now, we’ve 2 pcs in stock. Upon your oder it can be delivered at once. Great things belong to who come first.

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