API shaker screens test report and FAQ

API shaker screens test report is the report indicating screens data tested per API RP13C or ISO13501. RP means “Recommended Practice on Drilling Fluids Processing Systems Evaluation”. The practice combined and updated two previous separate documents RP13C and RP13E. This document was also passed by ISO as ISO13501

API shaker screens test

Aipu did the API RP13C test in 2014. We are the first shaker screen manufacturer got the compliance report in China. During the test we got D100 cut point and API size for each certain configuration. Also the conductance, the non blanked area

API Shaker screens test

API Shaker screens test

Our API size including API 40, API 60, 80, 200, 270, and so on. The cut point is ranged from 52 to 415 microns based on D100 designation. And the non blanked area is about 0.5㎡ for the screen sized about 4’x2.5′

FAQ about API RP13C test report

Many clients will ask what types of screen you’ve tested RP13C compliance? Why your API size screen separate different particles as other makes?

Actually, API 13C test report is executed on screen panels provided by screen manufacturer. Screens holding different configuration on wire diameter, mesh size of cloth layer. So, usually, one configuration suits different model screen.

For example, samples dimension is 630x1250mm, top layer is 270mesh, middle layer is 120x70mesh, base layer is 15mesh, the cut point is about 65 microns in the range of API 230 (58-69 microns). If we use this configuration on replacement 48-30 screen, the cut point will be about 65 microns too. So it still work for other types screen

API shaker screens specs

API shaker screens specs

Different manufacturers configure screen variously. Thus the cut point vary from each other. However, as long as cut point in one certain API size range, that means it is API number compliant

Other questions on RP13C screen test report

What is D100 and its relation with API size? The D100 means the diameter of coarsest particle which will pass through the screen during a dry laboratory test. D100 is a single number.

AIPU 500PWP Screen

AIPU 500PWP Screen

However, API size for a screen is the API-defined range of sizes into the D100 value falls. Some of the coarser size classes span quite a large range of D100 values

The API sizes don’t tell us shaker screen performance, screen model, dimension, and so on. As we said, there is little difference when screen configuration fits on different panels.

Please feel free to contact Aipu for more information on API shaker screens test.


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