Solids control centrifugal pump in mud system

Solids control centrifugal pump are mainly horizontal type in well drilling mud system. The centrifugal pumps used in different solids control process.

Solids control centrifugal pump description

In solids control system, there are horizontal centrifugal pump, submersible slurry pump or screw pump for decanter centrifuge. Rare client will request vertical centrifugal pump. The centrifugal pumps are transfer pump for hydrocyclones. The trip pump on trip tank. The pump for mixing hopper. Also the shearing pump for operation

solids control centrifugal pump

solids control centrifugal pump

Usually, in one solids control system we suggest same pump size but may be driven by different motor. For example, the cones feeding pump are same as mixing hopper pump. As the flow rate and whole mud capacity request sufficient pump power. Also, the maintenance and repair will be more easier. Spare parts are interchangeable among pumps.

Different centrifugal pump performance

Presently, all centrifugal pumps in Aipu solids control are with mechanical seal. Mechanical sealed solids control centrifugal pump working life is longer. Less maintenance requested as well. The pumps perform much better than former pumps.

When we operate centrifugal pump, even the same model pump will perform differently. Parameters affected each other during operation. Such as flow rate, motor power, impeller size, head.

Solids control centrifugal pumps

Solids control centrifugal pumps

Kindly suggest operate centrifugal pump per user manual or manufacturers’ suggestion.

Get high quality centrifugal pump at Aipu solids control

Centrifugal pump almost used in every solids control phase. It is rather important. High quality will lead high performance and benefit whole well drilling.

Aipu solid control centrifugal pump are very popular all over the globe. Just 2016, we delivered over 200 sets pump. No complaint at all. Sincerely appreciate clients trust and support. We’ll keep going and do our best to serve users satisfied

Centrifugal pump at Aipu is interchangeable with famous brand pump. Please come to us with any interest or doubt.


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