Drilling mud mixer hopper

Drilling mud mixer hopper is used to mix dry or liquid additives into the fluid system. Usually mud mixing hopper will be combined with centrifugal pump. We call it mud mixing pump or jet mud mixer

Drilling mud mixer hopper principle

Drilling mud mixer hopper is an improved means of introducing liquid, powder or granular additives. We use it for drilling, reservoir drill-in or completion fluids on the rig.  The mixing hopper facilitates the addition of small volumes of material supplied in 50 or 100-lb (22- or 44-kg) sacks.

Fluids enter the unit via a 6-in. (DN150) line, and the nozzle constricts the flow to a 1.75- in. (45-mm) orifice in the nozzle via a downstream, inwardly sloping conical shape. The flow exits the downstream side of the nozzle at high velocity into a void space. The mixing hopper or other flowline opens into this void space via a manual butterfly valve. With the valve open, the high-velocity flow creates a zone of relative low pressure, which creates suction, drawing the material into the void space.

Drilling Mud mixer hopper

Drilling Mud mixer hopper

The powdered material drawn into the void space is then carried by the high-velocity flow into the mouth of the diffuser where the geometry promotes turbulence and thus mixing. Flow moves through the throat of the diffuser into a secondary void space, which again changes velocity, creating more turbulence and recirculation zones. The flow then enters the second throat of the diffuser and exits into the 6-in. (152-mm) pipe which again changes the flow velocity creating more recirculation and turbulence and further encouraging mixing. At this stage, all material is effectively entrained in the fluid

Mud hopper design

Mud hopper also can be designed a 2-in. (DN50) angled port installed directly below the 4-in. (DN100) butterfly valve on the inlet to the eductor. This port is used for the addition of liquid products from drum, bulk tank or tanker. Liquids with a viscosity similar to water can be added at a rate of up to 108 GPM (410 L/min). Induction rates will vary depending on the temperature and viscosity of the fluid added

Furthermore, it can be standard port or dual port design. As per clients’ preference the extra port can be right hand or left hand. The table can be rectangle one arround hopper circle or the half rectangle extended from hopper circle one side

Upon different users’ demand we can make mud hopper with different materials. Including the valves, etc. Some client will also request special skid or base support. And stainless steel hoppers are available upon demand or request.

Features of mud hopper

Rapid, complete mixing of dry or liquid additives into the fluid system

Lowest comparable pressure loss

Creates high shear rates in a circulating loop

Compact design with small footprint

Minimizes “fish eyes” in hard-to-mix products

Requires less energy

Flexible design eliminates extra equipment

Ideal for rigs where space is at a premium

A greater degree of worker safety

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