Mud agitator and mud guns advantage also disadvantage

Mud agitator and mud guns are mixing equipment used in drilling mud process. They are operated at almost every stage of solids control.

Mud agitator advantage

  1. Various of gear box and shaft, impeller can be combined together. More flexibility cater for most demand
  2. Mud agitators perform higher efficiency in large vessel or container
  3. Design the agitators per job requirement
  4. Help expose more drilling fluid in air then lead lower temperature
Mud agitator advantage

Mud agitator advantage

Mud agitator disadvantage

  1. They can’t be used to mix drilling fluid in different compartment. Mud agitator can’t be used to transfer drilling mud between compartments
  2. Higher investment cost
  3. Mud agitator requests larger space than mud guns
  4. Almost mud agitators need electricity power
  5. Maybe the blind area
  6. May request installation plate

Mud guns advantages

  1. It cost less than mud agitator
  2. We can use the drilling pump when pump power is sufficient
  3. Flow can be concentrated at certain area to decrease or eliminate blind area
  4. Itself weight is much lighter than agitator
  5. Increase shearing rate
  6. Mud guns can be used to transfer and mix drilling fluid in different compartment
Mud guns

Mud guns

Mud gun disadvantage

  1. If we use drilling mud gun we’ll request many many gun. Thus the pump and pipes will cost much more
  2. High pressure nozzle at surface may fill air into drilling fluid
  3. The nozzle wearing may lead high velocity requests larger power; if nozzle is not replaced in time the motor my over-run
  4. If the solid has become sedimentation and mud gun spray fluid directly to the solids the pump and centrifuge may be blocked.

Operate mud guns and mud agitators

We find different mixing equipment hold different features. So usually we operate mud gun and agitators together for better agitation performance

Usually we suggest one set agitator along with one mud gun. Almost 3 meter requests one set agitator. Based on actual working condition we’ll configure optimal equipment or device for you

Please come to Aipu solids control for more detail on mud agitator and guns.


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