Mud tanks configuration and compartments design

Mud tanks are the basic material in solids control system.They are used to contain drilling fluids. As solids control system is a process with certain order or sequence.

Mud tanks in mud system

Firstly, we’d to know the whole procedure of solids control. Mud system including the primary separation, finer separation, recovery, mixing process, reverse, and so on. Then consider the mud system flow rate we’ll propose mud tanks size, compartment division.

There are shaker tank, centrifuge tank, trip tank and pill tank, reverse tank, mixing tank. Per different drilling rig, per certain working condition we will configure tanks accordingly.

Mud tanks

Mud tanks

Equipment and detail compartment devision

A complete mud system should be able to process particles ranged 5~440microns. Complete line equipment including shale shaker, vacuum degasser, mud cleaner, centrifuge, pumps, agitators. On mud tanks we’ll set listed devices on design position for great solid separation

On shaker tank, we’ll set up shale shaker or dual tandem shaker. Vacuum degasser will be mounted after shaker. The tank will hold 2 compartment. Then, we’ll set mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge on the second tank. On this tank, we’ll also mount the centrifugal pump and screw pump as transfer pump to these equipment. Mud agitators will be mounted the desander compartment, desilter compartment, centrifuge compartment.

Then, the trip tank with pill tank. We’ll set the trip pump and agitator for tripping and mixing pill to compound drilling mud. Trip pump will transfer the drilling mud to mud pump.

Mud agitators for mud tank

Mud agitators for mud tank

After previous process or separation, we need to compound drilling fluid to meet whole system flow rate. There will be mixing pump and agitators. Then the reserve tanks store cleaned drilling mud or recovered drilling mud. On these mud tanks, we need mud agitators to keep the necessary solids and content suspension.

Different mud tank configuration

In a mud system or a solids control system for drilling there are many flexible factors. Such as the treating capacity, the mud tank size or quantity, the layout, compartment division, and so on. But two things are for sure, one is the whole flow rate come from drilling rig or well depth; another one is basic procedure is from shaker to centrifuge.

Please come to us for your specific drilling mud system. We’ll propose you optimal solutions at your budget.


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