Mud tank valves selection in oilfield mud system

Mud tank valves mean the specific valve mounted in mud tank. Including the suction valve, dump valve or equalizer valve, and so on.

Mud tank valves type

Actually, for mud tank the valves are various kind. Such as gate valve, butterfly valve, suction valve, dump valve, equalizer valve, and so on. The mud tank valves we are talking are customer-built valves fabricated in welding shop with carbon steel or other raw material. Not the standard ones with same look or exact dimension.

Mud tank valves

Mud tank valves

Based on valve port / pipe size, there are 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″.  This year, we’ve manufactured over 200 tank valves for both domestic clients and overseas clients. Mainly including 8″, 10″ and 12″ valves for mud suction. Users are all satisfied with valves quality and our service. Aipu mud tank valves have been appreciated by regular clients.

To date, Aipu produced mainly the mud tank suction valve with screw operator by the handle wheel, also the suction valve with handle wheel. The flow pattern are two sides flow and elbow flow pattern.

Selection on mud tank valve

Selecting mud tank valve should be based on actual demand and the mud tank size. For example, we ever supplied 8″ suction valve with 118″ effective length also 8″ suction valve with 90″. The main valve pipe center to valve extension tube outer side is another dimension decided by tank or user.

If we have a mud tank deeps about 2.5m, then the tank valve main body (except handle part) should be at least 2.5m. No matter for what diameter or what flow pattern. Please find below diagram for more reference. Or you are kindly suggested inquire manufacturer for ideal design.

Tank valve operator

Mud tank valves operator is the way we switch valve. There are mainly screw and lever operator. The lever will be usually with lever pipe, while screw operator will be usually mounted with hand wheel.

One of our clients ever requested the lever with flip handle switch (similar as the handle switch of lights or main power in house) This will be more comfortable and easy operation since it is ergonomically designed

To select mud tank valves should consider followings. Tank size, Flow pattern, Operator mean, Manufacturer professionalism, Actual feedback on quality and performance, Price or the Cost-efficiency.

These are some brief information we suggest to users. Please contact us or your engineer consultant for ideal solutions.


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