Mud tank suction valves

Mud tank suction valves are widely used in oil drilling solids control. Based on decade solids control development, the mud tank suction valve was designed and innovated. It is a special valve for better pipeline control on tank bottom

Suction valve types

At the beginning we have the tank suction valves configured with handle wheel (We call it screw type operator). Now more and more users prefer suction valve with lever handle. Since the lever handle request less space and provide more convenience during operation. Moreover, lever type suction valves request less cost.

mud tank suction valves

mud tank suction valves

Considering the fluid flow pattern, there are flow through pattern and elbow pattern. The difference is the suction port design. Later one is the T port for convenient more suction capacity of mud/fluids in tank.

Then according to users’ preference, mud tank suction valves can be configured with any operator and flow pattern. For example, we are now producing 8″ screw type operator suction valve with flow through port for overseas user. Just a few weeks ago we produced 12″ lever typer operator valve with flow through pattern.

Popular suction valves size are 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″.  For detail dimension or size, they can be manufactured to suit various customers’ tank depth, suction height, suction line requirements and other special requirements

Mud tank dump valves

Mud tank dump valves is another popular valve fit on mud tank. Some specifications are similar with mud tank suction valves. To get optimal dump valve to suit users’ demand we need to know the valve size (6″,8″,10″,12″, etc.) as well as the tank depth or user provide the valve general size.

For dump valves, the operator types including screw and lever handle as well. Depends on customers’ preference, Aipu solids control will produce valves accordingly

Mud tank suction valves price

The mud tank suction valve varies much with different mud tanks design. But the general design and cost are similar. For example, 8″ mud tank suction valve with screw type operator and T port average price is about USD850. If you need official offer please give us detail requirement and quantity. Any question or interest will be highly welcome


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