OEM shaker screen and ODM shaker screen service

OEM Shaker screen and ODM screen service are available at AIPU Solids control. That’s not meaning we provide the original famous brand screens. But we can offer the custom0-built screens for your shakers.

OEM shaker screen features

They fit your shaker only and suit shaker completely as well as properly. If you screen panels are very special, then nobody can supply replacement to your user. This will help you and your user get better shaker operation and performance

Furthermore, OEM means your innovation and creativity. It’s special value of your equipment. But the OEM shaker screen should be based on the reasonable and practical use

OEM shaker screen

OEM shaker screen

What information helps to produce OEM screen

Your shaker deck information. How do you like to install screen? Screen panel size you have designed. For example, your shaker request screen to be fit on deck by tensioning hook. Then you screens will be made with hook side. And the screen dimension is 800x1200mm, then we’ll make screen size accordingly.

Then you may have more preference on screen configuration. Such as layers, different mesh pattern. Do you like high conductance or like the long service life? Tell us your requirement or tell us your preference we’ll find an optimal way for you

How about ODM screens?

Tell us your shaker information instead of screen information. Or tell us your preference and demand on shaker, we’ll design shaker screen even shaker deck for you

Shaker deck or shaker basket size. The flow rate you need. Then we’ll calculate and find a right way to design a proper shaker for you. Or tell us the result you need to achieve. Such as treating material, flow rate, drilling condition, etc.

Why not come to us find the optimal solutions for you now. Trust you can not find a better supplier than AIPU

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