How to make shaker screens?

Make shaker screens is a comprehensive question. The answer will be varying much from different manufacturers. Some clients and users may care much on this since they wish get high quality screens. By knowing the manufacture process will help them select best suppliers

How make shaker screens?

Firstly, we should get all quality raw material prepared well. Such as the wire mesh /  screen cloth, the steel frame, composite frame or back plate, the powder or glue, rubber seal, and so on

How to make shaker screens

How to make shaker screens

When we produce the steel frame shaker screens, we have to utilize the high quality steel tube as main support frame.  Another part is the plate. The penetrated panel with holes, such as hexagonal hole, square hole, rectangle hole, and so on. We’ll weld tube and plate together, then do the sand blasting for better painting surface, no matter the traditional liquid ones or powder coating ones.

During the weld, please pay attention on tubes connection. We’d like to suggest people use the butt weld for safe handling without finger inserting into tubes.

While we prepare the frames, the screen cloth should be pre-tensioned for best tension and most straight. Then the screen cloth will spread very well for longer service life without more gap among layers and frame.

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After tensioned by device, the screen cloth will be put well by certain mesh configuration on frames. Then combine them together. Some manufacturers will use powder coating, some will use traditional materials. The powder coating will save much time get more efficiency and better appearance

When we finish the screen panels and let them cool down with steady adhesion between screen cloth and frame. Then we need to stick the tags and back rubber seal. The tags should indicate all necessary information well, such as mesh size/API size, batch number, model/dimension, manufacturer information, and so on. Labels also can be customized according to users’ demand

The rubber seal can be sticked with glue or sealed by specific device.

Against all process finished, we’ll pack the shaker screens. If framed ones, one panel shaker screen will be put in one carton, if hook strap ones, they will be packed as 2 or 3 panels per carton. Clear labels should be pasted on cartons as well. Final package will be pallet or poly wood box. Please refer to former post on package

Above text is brief general information on how to make shaker screens. Please feel free for any question or interest.

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