Screen panels on solids control mud cleaner

Screen panels are the part of shale shaker or hydrocyclone separators, mud cleaner. They are filter plates for solid removal. What is difference among them?

Screen panels for shaker

In solids control system, shale shaker is the first phase equipment to remove drilled cuttings or solid particles. Screen panels are the direct filtration material on shakers. The screens vary for different designed shaker. Such as the pre-tensioned framed shaker screen panel, the hook strap screen, and so on

The screen mesh size will be coarse, relatively to screens on further equipment. Kindly suggest screen openings equal or coarser than API120. We know, based on theory, shale shaker will filter solid larger than 100microns out of drilling fluid. And cater for flow rate demand, the screen panels should not be too fine

Screen panels for mud cleaner

Screen panels for mud cleaner

Shaker screen on hydrocyclone separators

Hydrocyclone separators including the desander, desilter. Desander is used to separate particles larger than 45 microns, while desilter get rid of solid larger than 15 microns. They are the 2nd and 3rd phase solids control equipment

For desander and desilter, if we design downstream shaker screen we can configure mini bottom shaker or the commonly sized shakers. Difference including screen area and installation way. The screens can be downside tension or the common screen panels

Downstream shaker screen for mud cleaner

Mud cleaner is also referred as mud conditioner or 3 in 1 for drilling mud solids control. It’s integration of hydrocyclone desander, desilter and shale shaker. There is only one difference between downstream screen and shaker screen, the mesh size

We know shale shaker for solids control request coarse separation. Mud cleaner is used to remove much finer solids. Thus the downstream screen should be selected much finer. Kindly suggest API 200 or smaller opening. Then mud cleaner will help us make disposal more dry and separate the particles as more as possible after separated by cones and previous equipment

The screen panels for mud cleaner including framed, hook strap type. Same as our shale shakers. Please feel free to contact Aipu solids control for more detail or any question


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