Screen replacement for VSM300 shale shaker

Screen replacement for VSM300 shaker including 3 different size. They will be fit on different deck of shaker. The scalping deck, primary deck, drying deck.

V300 shaker screen replacement

V300 shale shaker is a popular shaker of NOV Brandt. Clients selected such shakers as the multiple decked shaker provide better filtration result. Among 3 decked screen, primary screen is the most popular one and inquired frequently.

For the primary screen, there are steel framed, composite framed for options. Flat frame screen panel and corrugated panel. While the scalping and secondary deck will be  steel framed

Screen replacement for V300

Screen replacement for V300

Aipu produce high quality screen replacement for V300 shaker. Many clients selected Aipu as supplier of replacement shaker screens

Mesh size of VSM300 screens

Mesh size is from 10 mesh to 325 mesh. According to certain screen deck, mesh size will differ from each other. And the filtration result, separation efficiency are different as well. For example, the scalper screen is almost coarser than API 60.

While the drying deck screen will be finer than API 60. However, as per different users’ preference there will be different design or configuration on screen mesh size. Please toward to screen manufacturer or consultant when you determine screen mesh size

Replacement VSM300 screen

Replacement VSM300 screen

Composite screen for VSM300 primary

Presently, more and more users prefer composite screen replacing V300 primary screen. Composite frame screen is the replacement for primary deck of Brandt V300 shaker. Mesh size is available from API 40 to API 325.

High quality material of frame and screen cloth lead long service life. Our users are very happy with our screen performance. By now, we’ve delivered over 5000 panels of such composite screen replacement

We suggest all users select Aipu composite screen for V300 shaker. As the working life and durability perform better than former steel framed. Furthermore, the composite screen panels request shorter lead time. For example, 1000 panels may only request 10 days.

Please come to Aipu solids control get best offer and lead time. Almost screen replacement are available here.

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