Replacement screen for shaker delivered overseas

Replacement screen for shaker were just finished last week. Screens are now in warehouse and will be delivered next week. As clients ordered other equipment and parts too.

Replacement screen for shaker

Shale shaker screen to be delivered are replacement shaker screen for Derrick series screen. 900 panels screen were ordered this time. This is our regular customer. They have placed repeat orders on shaker screen, and other solids control equipment, parts.

Mesh sizes including API 40~100. They are right fit screen for  FLC500 series shaker. Clients also ordered Cobra, and 48×30 screen replacement before. As end user appreciated our screen performance they placed repeat orders now

Replacement screen for shaker

Replacement screen for shaker

Why Aipu shaker screen?

Aipu has shared in over 20 years of shaker screen manufacture. Replacement screen for shaker are API RP13C compliant screen. Right fit size, competitive price, high quality and performance.

Features also including great appearance, circumspect package. Optimal configuration on screen layer with different size and wire. Professional services satisfy you as well. Furthermore, the screen and packages are customizable. Please refer to attached picture as more reference. Also our former posts.

Other items delivered

Besides the 900 panels screen, there are centrifugal pumps, submersible pump, some spare parts for solids control equipment. As well as some valves for mud tanks. Such as butterfly valve, ball valve, unions, etcetera.

This customer ever purchased pumps, mud agitators, replacement screen for shaker, other parts for shale shaker, flanges, unions for mud tanks. We’ve cooperated over 5 years, they almost purchased all spare parts from us

Replacement shaker screen

Replacement shaker screen

They told us next order will be drilling mud equipment to replace their present equipment. Sincerely appreciate clients’ support and trust so long time. We’ll do our best to serve clients satisfied

Shaker screen for famous shaker

Most shaker screen replacement are available at Aipu solids control. Such as MI-SWACO, NOV Brandt, Derrick, Triton, TriFlo, Fluids system, and so on

The hook strip screen, the framed shaker screen, the flat and corrugated screen panel. Bonded or un-bonded screen. Furthermore, the polyurethane screen and wedge wire screen are available upon demand

Please contact Aipu for more information. Or you need screen sample for test?


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