Solids control equipment

Solids control equipment including shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, and so on. Aipu solids control produce high quality mud equipment and waste management, oil sludge treatment

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Tandem shale shaker

Tandem shale shaker design at Aipu solids control

Tandem shale shaker is multi-shaker set on one common base or skid. What different types are available? Tandem shale shaker...

Shale shakers with dual motion

Drilling fluids process shaker for sale at Aipu solids

Shale shaker is critical equipment in whole drilling fluids process. It is the first phase solids control equipment. What is...

High quality mud system

Drilling fluids processing system for ZJ40 rig

Drilling fluids processing system is the mud circulation system for well drilling. ZJ40 rig is the common reference of oil...

oil sludge treatment

Oil sludge treatment proposal at oilfield and refinery plant

Oil sludge treatment is a complex project. Different drilling site or region may have different requirements on emission standard. Also...

Drilling mud poor boy degasser

Top hot solids control equipment list in 2017

Top hot solids control equipment are popular equipment for drilling mud process. Aipu solids control supply whole line equipment from...