Operation of the Mud Gas Separator

Mud gas separator is our hot selling product, which is usually applied before shale vibrating screen.

Mud Gas Separator Operation

The purpose of the Mud Gas Separator is to remove entrained gas from the drilling fluid. The mud gas separator is the first piece of equipment that treats the drilling fluid and is connected between the mud manifold and the degasser inlet line. It is primarily used to remove large gas bubbles from the gas-infiltrated drilling fluid. These large bubbles are expanding gases in the drilling fluid that mostly fill a section of the borehole annulus. If they are not removed promptly, they can easily cause well surges, which pose a danger to both the drilling well and the operator.

Mud gas separtors

Mud gas separators

When utilizing a mud gas separator, the inlet pipe and wedge manifold to be connected so that the fluid to enter the degasser through gravity. When work stops, the operator should thoroughly clean the vessel thoroughly without leaving any deposits or slurry residue.

Why choose an AIPU mud gas separator?

1. Professional manufacturing experience close to 20 years
2. The main body material can be H2S resistant steel plate or ordinary carbon steel.
3. Spraying marine heavy duty anticorrosion paint, 3 layers of anticorrosion.
4. Unique design ensures constant liquid level in the separator and solves the problem of sand accumulation in the tank.
5. Adopting centrifugal separation, physical impact separation, vacuum separation and other separation technologies to ensure the separation effect of the gas.
6. The corners of the liquid supply pipe are equipped with buffer devices and replaceable impact-resistant baffles, which can be regularly inspected and replaced according to the wear and tear situation to prolong the service life of the equipment.
7. Sulphur-proof liquid-gas separator adopts special materials for manufacturing and processing, which can completely prevent the damage of hydrogen sulphide in the gas to the equipment.

Mud gas separators are typically used with electronic ignition devices, so please contact us if you need one!


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