Shaker screens


About shaker screen and solids control equipment
Hydraulic decanter centrifuge

Hydraulic driven decanter centrifuge information for your reference

Hydraulic driven decanter centrifuge is centrifuge assembly with motor and hydraulic motor, as well as control panel unit Information of...

API RP13C Shaker screen details for your reference

API 13C Shaker screen means screen panel for shaker from manufacturer holding API certificate and the panels have got API...

HDD mud recycling shaker

HDD mud recycling shaker features

HDD mud recycling shaker is the shaker in the mud system to recycle or reclaim the drilling fluids during HDD....

Latest shaker screen

Latest shaker screen technology for better performance

Shaker screen technology is mature for decades. From the hook strap to the corrugated panel, from stainless steel to polyurethane....

Hunter-D3 shaker

Hunter-D3 shaker and Hunter-MG3 shaker difference

Hunter series shale shaker including Hunter-D, Hunter-MG, Hunter-Mini, etc. Hunter-D3 shaker information Hunter-D3 shaker is the shaker holding 3 panels...

Helical bevel geared agitators are ready to deliver

Helical bevel geared agitators are ready to deliver

Helical bevel geared agitators of this lot are for a regular client. Project is oversea oil well drilling. Mud agitators...

Hunter-MG Screen

Shaker screens replace for Hunter series shaker

Shaker screens replace for Hunter series shaker including 2 main types. The Hunter-MG and Hunter-D. Hunter series shale shaker Hunter-MG...

Replacement screens

How to get high quality replacement screens for shale shakers

High-quality replacement screens are the panels holding long service life, high performance of the filtration. Furthermore, high-quality screens holding an...

Shaker screen packages

Shaker screen packages for different screen and clients

Shaker screen packages including internal and external package. For different shaker screen, the packages vary. Screen panel types There are...

Hunter-MG8 Shale shakers

How AIPU Hunter-MG8 shale shakers help users?

Hunter-MG8 shale shakers are with double decks and 8 panels of shaker screen. There are 3 panels coarse screen and...

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Mongoose®Shaker Screen

Mongoose® Shaker Screen Replacement


Derrick®Shaker Screen

Derrick® Shaker Screen Replacement


Polyurethane shaker screen

Polyurethane Shaker Screen


Aipu Urethane screens

Swaco® shaker Screen Replacement


Kemtron KTL48 Shaker Screen

Kemtron KTL48 Shaker Screen Replacement


Brandt®Shaker Screen

Brandt® Shaker Screen Replacement