The Quality of Screen Mesh and Factors Influencing Its Lifespan

The high-quality screens help drilling fluids pass through the panels effectively. A good screen reduces operating costs.

How do you verify the quality of a screen?

The filtration accuracy or cut point accuracy. We can test the slurry after a period of operation. Analyze the cuttings or solids content. Perform drilling fluid performance tests.

In addition, We need to inspect the appearance and surface of the screen mesh itself. And, it is also a good idea to check the packaging and labeling before opening the package. In addition to checking the appearance and surface of the screen mesh, it is also need to verify that the size of the mesh and the size of the holes are the same as those ordered.

High-quality screen panel

What are some of the factors that can affect the life of a screen?

Customers will often ask the life of the screen problem, then the objective factors affecting the life of the screen are what are the main factors?

1.The drilling mud property. Such as gravity,  viscosity

2.Shale shaker flow rate

3.Shaker condition or the compressing system condition

4.Operators expertise

5.Proper selection on mesh size

6.Proper shaker vibration strength

Therefore, if you want to make the screen life longer should pay attention to the above objective factors. The life of the vibrating screen will directly affect the cost and indirectly affect the overall efficiency.

What high quality screens do we have?

We have many different types of screen panels. Including NOV Brandt Venom series, VSM300 series replacement screens for the VSM300 series. There are also replacement screens for the MI SWACO Mongoose, MD and ALS series. In addition, replacement screens for the DP600, HYP, and FLC series

Replacement screens

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