Oilfield poor boy degasser and flare ignition device

Oilfield poor boy degasser is also referred to mud gas separator or liquid gas separator. It is set ahead of shale shaker. Why we talk about it again?

Oilfield poor boy degasser information

Poor boy degasser is the nickname of drilling mud gas separator. It is used to get rid of retrained gas among drilling fluid. When we drill a well with sufficient gas, especially when we drill a gas well. The poor boy will help us to prevent blowout.

We know the invaded gas in drilling fluid will increase the air pressure. Then the well head will face danger of blowout under unbalanced pressure. At oilfield, the vertical poor boy can separate of large quantity toxic gas, the vent line is connected with flare ignition device

Oilfield Poor boy degasser

Oilfield Poor boy degasser

Oil drilling flare ignitor

Flare ignitor at oil drilling site is the equipment to burn harmful gas. The gas is separated out of drilling fluid via poor boy degasser. We know, for oilfield poor boy degasser, the vent line (gas discharge line) is requested at least 60 meter.

This vent line will be connected with flare ignition device. Thus we solve the problem of blow out also there is no toxic gas anymore after burning. Flare ignitor is the electrical one, controlled by remote panel and may use the liquified gas as burn source.

oilfield flare ignitors

oilfield flare ignitors

Aipu degassers and flare ignitor

Oilfield poor boy degasser and flare ignitor are hot products these days. Aipu has produced over 15 sets of such equipment for CNPC. They all requested APMGS1200 mud gas separator, with 60m vent line, also the flare ignition device

There are repeat orders from regular customers. Now there are 4 sets in our yard to be delivered. Maybe then, we’ll get another order on 5 sets of degasser and ignitor.

Sincerely appreciate clients’ trust and support. We will be committed to provide optimal solutions as appreciation. Please come to Aipu solids control for any demand or question on poor boy or ignitor. As well as other solids control items, of course


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