Urethane screen panels of Aipu solids control

Urethane screen panels are made of polyurethane. We call it as polyurethane screen as well. The urethane screen is different with common wire woven screen panel

Urethane screen panels features

Urethane screen is more durable and anti-corrosive than common woven shaker screens. Polyurethane is rather reliable, temperature-resistant, oil- resistant, water-resistant also anti-abrasive

Furthermore, the urethane screens are very colorful and flexible on surface design. Compared with S.S woven wire mesh, the polyurethane screen can last over ten times longer.

Urethane screen panels

Urethane screen panels

Polyurethane screen panels are easy to get rid of block on gaps. When screen is hook strip type, the urethane screen is more flexible than metal screen cloth. Under vibration and tensioning force, the solid will be shocked out and discharged

Aipu polyurethane screen

Aipu provide high quality polyurethane screen, including the hook strip, and framed type. For hook strip urethane screen panels, they are usually interchangeable with Derrick ones. Such as the 1040×700, 1020×700, 1220×700, 1040×750, and so on.

The gap or aperture including 0.075mm, 0.1mm, 0.15mm, 0.2mm, 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1mm, and so on. For the framed polyurethane screen panels, the gaps are coarser. Such as 2mm, 4mm, 5mm, and so on

Polyurethane screen

Polyurethane screen

Why Aipu urethane screens

Aipu provide wide range of polyurethane screen. Including the screen type, the opening, the installation way, the different colors, and so on. Raw materials are high quality polyurethane ensure the durability and service life

Interchangeable with famous brand polyurethane screen. Such as the Derrick Plyweb screens. Also can provide urethane screen panel replace Mongoose series screen. Flexible design on screen aperture or gaps.

Many other size urethane screen can be customized as well. Such as 1040×720, 1050×700, and so on. But the main structure is same. Please find pictures for more reference.

Need price and delivery? Please let us know your demand. Such as dimension, opening, color, and so on. Aipu solids control will quote you best price soon.


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