Shaker screen NBA calculation

Shaker screen NBA is the non-blanked area of shale shaker screen. It is a specification to evaluate screen efficiency or performance

How to calculate shaker screen NBA?

At professional laboratory, the screen non-blanked area will be estimated by measuring the area of each of rectangles, triangles, and trapezoids contained within the screen using a Fowler Sylvac Euro-Cal Mark III digital micrometer.

Total non-blanked area of screen panel is usually the accumulation on all punched hole internal area. Usually, when we certify or test shaker screen under API RP13C code we can request do the shaker screen NBA calculation or measuring

Shaker screen NBA

Shaker screen NBA

What impact screen non-blanked area?

The whole screen panel size will definitely the essential issue impacting screen NBA.

As we mentioned earlier, the NBA is from whole screen panel. So the punched hole size will impact general non-blanked area. For example, if the hole is rectangle one and may it is two times larger as triangle one. Thus is same panel size, we kindly suggest rectangle hole screen. Of course, the hexagonal hole will be better as well

If we use panels with same size and shape hole, the screen cloth wire diameter is another issue impact shaker screen NBA.For example, the thicker wire screen sized 60 mesh will definitely hold less exact NBA than thinner wire screen sized 60 mesh.

Non-blanked area unit

The NBA of shaker screen will be indicated as sq.ft or sq.m. Depends on different manufacturer, also depends on different test laboratory. So we usually find many screen manufacturer tell NBA in different way

For example, SWACO will describe Mongoose screen NBA as 5.37ft², while Derrick will tell NBA of PMD500 is 7.09 sq.ft. Aipu XC series screen configuration is holding average NBA as 0.5 sq.m almost 5 sq.ft.

Generally, if we use panel punched with same hole, the shaker screen NBA can be calculated per whole screen area. Please come to us with any problem of NBA. Also other question on shaker screens.


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