Shaker screens


About shaker screen and solids control equipment
APMGS1200 mud gas separator

APMGS1200 poor boy degasser and gas flame under manufacture

APMGS1200 poor boy degasser is our hot sales product. In 2017 we delivered over 60 sets this model gas separator....

Solids Control Mud agitators

Aipu solids control APMA mud agitators image for reference

High quality material shaker screen

Shale shaker screen material and cost difference

Shale shaker screen material is the essential insurance for screen panel quality. The material including stainless steel wire mesh, sheet,...

Hunter-MG3 shale shaker

Hunter-MG3 shale shaker used in ZJ20 mud system

Hunter-MG3 shale shaker is linear motion shaker. It is popular product at Aipu solids control. Hunter-MG3 shale shaker description Shale...

PMD screen replacement

Replacement Pyramid shaker screen gallery

Shaker screens conductance

Shale shaker screens conductance and NBA detail

Shale shaker screens conductance will impact screen performance. What is shale shaker screens conductance? Conductance, measured in units of kilodarcies per millimetre...

Mongoose®Shaker Screen

Mongoose® Shaker Screen Replacement


Derrick®Shaker Screen

Derrick® Shaker Screen Replacement


Polyurethane shaker screen

Polyurethane Shaker Screen


Aipu Urethane screens

Swaco® shaker Screen Replacement


Kemtron KTL48 Shaker Screen

Kemtron KTL48 Shaker Screen Replacement


Brandt®Shaker Screen

Brandt® Shaker Screen Replacement