Solids control equipment

Solids control equipment including shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, and so on. Aipu solids control produce high quality mud equipment and waste management, oil sludge treatment

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Containerized flocculation and coagulation unit

Containerized Flocculation and Coagulation modular for waste mangement

Containerized flocculation and coagulation is popular with many waste management contractor. It is integrative and compact design. Please find below...

Decanting centrifuge

Decanting centrifuge operation and maintenance tips

Decanting centrifuge operation will impact centrifuge performance and service life for well drilling mud process. What tips we suggest for...

solids control shaker parts

Solids control shaker parts for sale at Aipu solids

Solids control shaker parts including many items, such as shaker screen. It is treated as rather important part and it...

Dual motion shaker

Dual motion shaker for sale at Aipu solids control

Dual motion shaker is the shale shaker holding two motion. It can be switched to linear motion or balanced elliptical...

Mud agitator advantage

Mud agitator and mud guns advantage also disadvantage

Mud agitator and mud guns are mixing equipment used in drilling mud process. They are operated at almost every stage...